An open letter to any man who is tired of the embarrassment, humiliation and frustration that ejaculating too soon can cause…

"Here’s A Unique
Step-by-Step Technique
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If you shy away from sex because you're scared of ejaculating too soon... of if you're fed up with the dreaded sense of failure, humiliation... or even Anger every time you climax too soon...

Here's the true story of how I went from lasting about 30 seconds in bed... to being able to last as long as I wanted. (And if you follow my simple step-by-step instructions you can last as long as you want to as well.)

The best part is this...

The simple DOCTOR TRUSTED program outlined below helps you hold out as long as YOU want every time… so you’ll never have to worry about ejaculating at the mere thought of touching your partner... or ejaculating after the first couple of thrusts as soon as you enter her...

And never again face the embarrassment and humiliation of hearing those dreaded words from your partner...

"No, no... please just a little longer baby...

July 16, 2019

Dear Friend,

My name is James Woodford. And up until 2 years ago I was plagued so much by premature ejaculation that I would sometimes cum simply because my girlfriend placed her hand on my thigh.

I was so anxious every time we started to get intimate, that I would tense up my entire body. It was like I was about to explode every time she moved her hand towards my belt. Or kissed me on the side of my neck. Or rubbed the inside of my thighs.

And if I ever managed to hold it in long enough to actually start having sex, forget about it.

As soon as I would enter her my mind would start racing. I'd get that feeling at the base of the penis that I couldn't control.

It would start just behind the scrotum and rush towards the tip of my penis. There was no stopping it. I was about to explode... my entire body was tense... the back of my arms would begin to shake. And my stomach would contract so much I'd begin to double over.

Sometimes I could hold it just long enough to awkwardly thrust a few times. I even managed to last a minute or so one time because I had masturbated 30 minutes before we had sex.

Mostly though I just gave in and came as soon as I entered her. There was nothing I could do.

It got so bad I began to avoid sex. Perhaps you do the same.

I was so embarrassed, and bitter with myself. I would brush away any chance of sexual intimacy for fear of what would happen. The sheer anxiety and anticipation of sex made it even worse. I was insecure. Depressed. And worst of all, I felt completely and utterly alone.

It was like my manhood had been stripped away. I was tall. Good looking and with a great job. And yet I found myself apologizing all the time.

I'd laugh it off and give a stupid excuse about being too tired. Or stressed from work. Or pretend it didn't usually happen. And most of the time my girlfriend was understanding and supportive. She would say she didn't mind. And that it happens to most guys.

And for a short while I would believe her.

It seemed to make me feel better. But deep inside I knew she was pissed. That she wasn't getting satisfied like her other boyfriends had satisfied her. That secretly she was telling her friends how hopeless I was in bed. How I couldn't last even long enough to make it to the bedroom sometimes. How she hadn't had an orgasm herself in month.

How she was thinking of leaving me... even though she loved me.

And then one day she did leave. Just like the two girls before. She'd had enough. Gave some kind of excuse that we weren't on the same path but she wanted to remain friends.

But I knew the real reason.

The sex was bad.

She wasn't getting the satisfaction that she - and every other woman - really craves and desires.
I really did love her, but that wasn't enough.

If You Can't Please Your Woman In Bed...
Then She May Start Looking For It Elsewhere...

I was ashamed of myself.

I put myself in her shoes and really looked at it from her perspective.

It was disappointing  not to be able to satisfy my partner. And I really felt bad about the way it ended.

Sure... I wanted to feel like a real man and please my woman. But the truth was... because I couldn't last long enough I really had no idea how to make a woman orgasm.

And it started to effect meeting women. I started to worry that if I couldn't please my woman in bed, she wouldn't be as attracted to me.

I started to fear that if I didn't improve my skills in bed... I would end up lonely, depressed and alone.

I found myself lying in bed at night masturbating to porn for hours on end. But for some reason I just couldn’t last when it came to real sex.

If other guys could last more than a few minutes, there must be some kind of technique I was missing, right?

I wanted to eliminate the problem, but I just didn’t know how. So I went on a personal mission and spent weeks reading and researching everything I could find on lasting longer in bed.

I Tried Everything I Could To Last Longer... 

I tried thinking of baseball games while having sex… hoping that an occupied mind would help decrease my excitement and sensitivity.

When that didn't work… I tried desensitizing creams and lotions... but they were messy, expensive, and very inconvenient. I had to excuse myself and go somewhere private where I could “rub it on” 5 minutes before having sex.

I also tried condoms that were specially-made for guys who came too soon. But no matter what I tried, I’d start and a few minutes later, I was done.

I’d glance up at my new girlfriend and she’d have this half-smile on her face and tell me “it’s okay, don’t worry about it”. But I could just see in her eyes that she was disappointed.

It got to the point where I didn't even want to have sex anymore, because I didn’t want to deal with the humiliation.

Here's How I Finally Unlocked The Secret To Energetic Lasting Sex... 

Since I had tried the creams, lotions, and pills… I decided to dig a bit deeper and try to get to the root cause of the problem.

I wasn’t interested in just covering up the issue with a temporary “Band-Aid” approach.

I wanted scientifically proven advice that could help me last longer. My biggest breakthrough came when I started researching and studying medical sites.

The first thing I discovered was how too many exciting thoughts in your mind could make you climax too soon.

It made sense… after all, I got pretty worked up when I knew I was about to have sex. My mind would race with excitement, I’d find myself visualizing the entire sexual encounter in my mind before it even started!

And that’s when it occurred to me…

I was literally coming too quickly in my mind... before it actually happened in real life!

I was already working myself up into such a sexually excited state… that it didn’t take me long to orgasm when sex actually started. Perhaps your situation is similar.

So I spent weeks researching different mental techniques and mind control tricks that would help me last longer in bed.

I became a "guinea pig"... putting every technique I learned into practice to see what worked and what didn’t. If it worked and I was able to last longer… I’d keep a mental note of it and later, I’d write it down in my journal.

Soon I learned several mind control techniques that helped me last 10 minutes.

I then turned to researching physical techniques that guys could use to last longer in bed. I learned about the Stop-Start Method, the Squeeze Method, and some exercises I could do with my muscles “down there”.

Once again, I’d try out different techniques to see which ones would help me last longer.

Sure enough, I found a few physical exercises that allowed me to last even longer.

I was now up to about 15 minutes before I climaxed. I went from lasting less than 1 minute… to 10 minutes... and then 15 minutes or more.

Finally I was in complete control

To say I was happy would be a HUGE understatement. And I knew my girl was happy too because she started initiating sex a lot more.

If YOU could decide your
exact point of ejaculation...

How long would you choose to last?

Now at last I was able to give my girlfriend an orgasm because I could go for 15 minutes.

It made sex more fulfilling and more satisfying for both of us. I started to feel more confident and secure about my abilities in bed… I felt like a REAL man again.

We went from having sex MAYBE once a week… to having sex 4 or 5 nights a week. It was like a giant heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders and stress off my mind when I no longer had to deal with this embarrassing problem.

It felt great to not worry or be so anxious about ejaculating so quickly. Ending the shame, frustration, and humiliation made me feel like a new man.

Finally, all of my research and study allowed me to develop some effective mental and physical control techniques that made it possible for me to last 15 to 20 minutes in bed.

Listen, if you're not lasting
as long as you'd like to...

If you prevent your partner touching your penis because of fear it will drive you to excitement too quickly…

If you hold your body stiffly from your partner during foreplay - for fear your penis will touch her - and you might be too aroused before sex…

… If you thrust awkwardly and tensely whilst inside your partner…

If you're embarrassed and frustrated about losing control at the slightest sign of "sexual heat"…

If you’ve ever had to resort to distract yourself during sex (such as thinking about the football… or even… downing a few drinks) to give you a precious few minutes before ejaculation…

If you’ve EVER felt anger, guilt, or disappointment after you ejaculating too early…

If you nodded "YES" to any or all of these, don’t feel bad - you’re not alone. .. and it isn't your fault! The truth is… 1 out of every 4 men have suffered from premature ejaculation at one time or another.

But that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing or depressing for you. If you're like most guys who are dealing with it now, it's probably become a dark cloud hanging over you.

Believe me... I’ve had to deal with my fair share of embarrassing moments in the bedroom. But the good news is… I’ve also learned how to last 15 minutes longer in bed naturally without using any pills, creams, or tricks.

So if you're feeling frustrated or hopeless with your lack of staying power and want to eliminate the embarrassment of it for good.. you’ll want to keep reading.

Now there is a simple and complete method you can use -- in the privacy of your own home -- to permanently end premature ejaculation from your life.

These Common Thoughts Cause You To Ejaculate Too Quickly

It's true, one of the biggest reasons guys come too soon is because they literally get so excited with their thoughts… there’s no stopping once they actually start having sex.

The more excited you are, the more likely you’ll come fast. You see… without controlling your thoughts, your breathing, and specific muscles… you're actually speeding up the process of climaxing.

The arousal and stimulation gets you too excited and too worked up. That's why it feels like you’re almost ready to finish soon after starting!

Why? It’s because you already started in your mind and that got you excited to the point where you come too soon!

Take it from me, I learned that if you want to last longer in bed, and give your woman the pleasure she deserves… you MUST change your mindset and your thoughts. Your mind and body must be in a 100% harmonious balance.  If they’re not… you won’t last as long as you could.

I'm going to reveal some simple techniques you can use to gain full control over your thoughts in a very short time. And then… once you tackle a few physical techniques and start to work the “mind-body” connection… you’ll last 10, 15, 20 minutes, and more.

You can easily re-wire your thought process and reprogram your mind so you can hold out longer. Then, add in a few simple, proven exercises and physical techniques and you’ll be lasting 15 to 20 minutes in no time.

Now you can enjoy sex without worrying you'll finish too soon. You can get rid of the shame, frustration, and humiliation that happens with premature ejaculation!

This Doctor Trusted Program...

Ends Premature Ejaculation
Quickly & Naturally

How would your life be different right now if you were able to last 20 minutes in bed? Would you be a more confident lover? A better man?

You probably wouldn’t have the fear, anxiety, and frustration... you wouldn’t be self-conscious and worried. And most importantly, you wouldn’t feel like you're letting your woman down again.

Look, sex is NOT something you should dread or be anxious about. I've seen so many guys hurt, humiliated, and embarrassed by premature ejaculation. And even though some women will tell you it’s okay… you can tell by looking at their faces that they're disappointed.

You may even fear that they'll look elsewhere to get their needs met. And this can make you paranoid she’s going to cheat.

But once you're able to last longer in bed and please your woman like you want to... you'll never feel embarrassed or self-conscious again.

I want to show you a fail-safe way to last 15 to 20 minutes longer in bed... WITHOUT all the messy and inconvenient creams.

As I drastically improved my problem with PE and even eliminating it, I realized my little “experiments” in the bedroom could help improve the lives of a lot of other guys.

So I've taken all the techniques I used to eliminate my premature ejaculation and put them in an e-book you can download and learn how to longer in bed. We’re talking almost instant, immediate improvement!

I wrote everything down, took out all the junk, and created a fool proof method based on what I learned.

You simply have to see results when you follow my easy step-by-step instructions.

And the program has been verified by an independent Medical Doctor.

So it's tested. And proven.

Better yet... you can follow the simple steps right now... and start seeing results almost immediately.

Finally! Last 15 to 20 Minutes or More in Bed… even if you’ve never been able to last more than 2 minutes…

Longer Sex Manifesto ProgramBecause now there’s The Longer Sex Manifesto… the ORIGINAL DOCTOR TRUSTED program, and the first and only step-by-step program that’s guaranteed to help any guy last 15 minutes or longer, guaranteed.

These secrets have helped thousands of men last longer and now, it’s YOUR turn to put them to work! The best part is… this guide reprograms your mental and physical sexual control mechanisms so that you automatically last longer in bed.

Much like learning a new habit… this program gives mental and physical techniques that are programmed into the body so they become natural and unconscious.

Better yet… it also provides a quick 10 minute fix that helps you last longer starting today.

It’s true… one component of this program includes my proven “10 Minute Quick Fix Guide” that will show you some proven techniques you can use to last 10 minutes or more, starting tonight!

The Longer Sex Manifesto gives you a simple step-by-step plan that only takes minutes a day to follow each day for 7 days.

After 7 days, your body and mind are reprogrammed to last 20 or 30 minutes longer without stress or anxiety. You’ll go from lasting seconds or a few minutes… to lasting 15 to 20 minutes.

This program permanently eliminates premature ejaculation because it combines the mental, physical, and physiological aspects to help you last as long as you want. What’s more… unlike a pill or cream… this program is safe, natural, and PERMANENT.

No more having to head to the bathroom before sex so you can rub some slimy cream on your manhood. This provides you with life-long relief to a serious problem.

And say Goodbye to The Fear, Worry, And Anxiety... Permanently!

Now you can feel confident knowing that you won't be dealing with the embarrassment and humiliation. You'll feel as if a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Take it from me... you can experience a brand new enjoyable sex life because you can last 15 to 20 minutes or more... and you can enjoy it starting today. No longer will you worry that your woman is going to get fed up and frustrated because of your inability to last… and go looking for another guy who CAN get her off.

In a very short time, she’ll be telling you that “you’re amazing” or "you’re the best lover I’ve ever had". If you want to last 15 to 20 minutes longer... this program can permanently cure premature ejaculation in a safe, fast, effective, and affordable way.

Most guys who've tried this program have emailed me to say they were able to last longer the same day they tried it and that they were able to last longer as time went on.

Now I'm doing an average of 15 to 20 min...

Dear James, I want to tell you that I loved your ebook, it's totally worth it, and like you said on the 7th day I saw a lot of difference in my sex performance! I used to last in sex from 5 to 8 minutes; right now I'm doing an average of 15 to 20 min. And my girlfriend Loves it off course! I'm much more confident to have sex with any women now, I'm so happy, thank you so much guys! This program really really works! Thank you so much!
The first night I was able to last 12 minutes straight. It was the best sex I ever had...

Hi James, I just want to take the time to thank you. This is the best thing that could happen to me. See I'm a guy that could easily pretty much get any girl I want. The problem was that I was insecure about being in bed since it took less than a minute for me to ejaculate. But now, WOW!!! This is incredible, the first night I was able to last 12 minutes straight. It was the best sex I ever had, and my partner must have orgasmed at least 3 times. After we were done she just couldn't believe it. She hugged me and kissed me non stop. I was just trying to catch my breath. The think I liked is that she didn't even have to know what I did to be able to last this long. The best part about it was that I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen but it felt like I orgasmed twice when I only ejaculated once. That was the best feeling ever. Im just curious about that because usually when I orgasm that's it I need to stop and I ejaculate, but this time I felt like I orgasmed without ejaculating, which meant I still stayed rock hard until I ejaculated. Well I don't know what to say, this is the best solution ever, i'm going to recommend it to all my friends. Not only did this help my premature ejaculation, it made me get solid rock hard and have the best orgasms I've ever had. This is incredible. Once again THANKS ALOT James, you don't know how much I appreciate it. This is the best thing ever.

Just download the program... which you'll be following- and mastering - in just minutes from now. It's only 50 pages so will take you less than an hour to read.

You'll quickly learn all the mental techniques and mindset controls you can use to delay ejaculation.

You'll easily master all the exercises, breathing tips, meditation, and other techniques.

And then, you'll start using everything I show as soon as tonight to enjoy lasting longer and having better sex.

Look, learning to control and take charge of your mind is the key to success. And as you're about to discover, it's easy to do. See, most guys are physically capable of lasting, it’s just a mental block that causes PE.

The Longer Sex Manifesto provides you with a unique combination of special advanced techniques that will help you unlearn poor technique and bad habits.

Using PC muscle exercises, thought techniques, breathing, meditation… you can create a new habit of lasting longer!

I wanted to get to the root cause of why guys suffer from this problem. I didn’t want quick fix solutions that were either messy, expensive, inconvenient, or that didn’t work for the long term.

Again, it involves learning some mindset control techniques, showing you some proven exercises that can help you “train” your muscles for delaying ejaculation… and this adds up to helping you dramatically increase the amount of time you last.  

Here's a Sample of What You'll Master...

  • How 90% of guys can be cured within just 7 days by following this easy step-by-step program
  • A safe, natural, & proven method for eliminating premature ejaculation for good
  • How to last 15 to 20 minutes longer in bed just by changing the way you think about sex.
  • Proven-effective breathing techniques you can use immediately to prolong lovemaking and delay climaxing.
  • Scared of getting head? This simple 'mental hack' shows how to eliminate the fear of getting head and enjoy blowjobs that last 5, 10 even 15 minutes or more. (See Page 40)
  • How to permanently end PE by using a few simple, proven mental and physical control techniques.
  • How to teach your penis to last longer than you ever thought possible
  • The proven step-by-step plan that makes long lasting sex happen automatically.
  • Find out the only proven treatment that WORKS… as well as the ones that don’t and are a complete waste of money
  • How to use scientifically proven exercises to strengthen and control ejaculation muscles...
  • Why foreplay and thoughts leading up to sex can cause you to come too soon.
  • How porn stars are able to last as long as they want, without using pills, condoms, lotions, or creams
  • Discover how to “train” the PC muscles that cause Premature Ejaculation so you can last a lot longer
  • Why these proven Kegel style exercises can help you strengthen your ejaculatory reflex
  • Learn the exact breathing techniques and simple meditation tricks that could force you to last up to an hour!

And that's just the beginning of what you'll discover....

  • Discover my proven mind and body control tactics that will add an instant 15 minutes to your staying power overnight!
  • How to "re-wire" your thought pattern so that you can last longer without thinking yourself into having an early orgasm.
  • The real truth about meditation and how it can help you enjoy long, tantric, earth-shattering sex that will have your woman quivering with pleasure.
  • How to control your ejaculation through the use of proven exercises. It’s true, you can train your muscles so you can gain complete control over when you climax...
  • How certain breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques can help you go longer, starting tonight...
  • What you must do before you even think about initiating sex
  • How to enjoy more powerful and frequent erections, experience a higher sex drive, and have sex more often -- without taking ANY medications, pills, or supplements. (Page??)
  • Understand exactly how any guy can last longer in the sack – it’s easier than you think!
  • The reason why you should never do this one thing before you have sex
  • How to control your mindset so you don’t “think yourself” into coming too soon
  • The strange truth about how your thoughts directly affects your ability to last longer!
  • You’ll get the inside scoop on how to avoid the reasons that are causing you to get off too fast– and how to make yourself bulletproof from these mistakes!
  • My proven strategy for increasing your staying power this week - 100% naturally!
  • Overcome performance anxiety by making these simple -- yet powerful -- adjustments to the way you think about sex. (See this on page ???)
  • Learn this one simple technique you can use in the bedroom that makes sex not only more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet.
  • A quick and easy way to make your erections last longer... so your pleasure keeps going and going. (Page??)
  • Simple techniques to stop feeling worried or stressed about sex.
  • How to stop looking at sex as being "work" and instead, start to yearn and long for that moment you and your woman are alone.
  • Discover a simple and fast change in your mindset that virtually eliminates the anxiety that sabotages a man's sex drive -- instead you'll have more pleasure than ever before. (Page??)

Why the other solutions NEVER work...

You’ve probably tried other ways to deal with this problem. The numbing lotions and creams, the special-made condoms, sprays, pills, and other techniques.

Did any of them work? Well, I can only speak for myself but they never worked for me.

Some of them are even counter-productive, like desensitizing lotions. They make it almost impossible for your woman to reach orgasm no matter how long you can last!

What those other premature ejaculation solutions fail to address is the “unblocking of the mind blockage that HAS to happen if you’re going to hold out as long as you want.

Bottom line, if you don't learn how to use your mind, thoughts, and muscles, you’ll keep climaxing too soon.

The Art Of Lasting Longer In Bed

When it comes to solving your problem of Premature Ejaculation, the only way to do it is to go after the root cause of why it’s happening in the first place.

Other programs only give you general tips and techniques to mask the problem, not a clear step by step plan to eliminate it. This is a natural step by step program that automatically ends premature ejaculation without pills, creams or surgery in just 7 days.

You don’t want to mask the problem with creams, lotions, condoms, or other “desensitizing” products. You need to re-program your thought process so it can handle longer excitement and stimulation. In other words, you need to learn how to control your mind and the muscles that lead to ejaculation.

That’s why this works better than creams, sprays, pills, and other quick fix solutions. Those are a short term “band aid” approach that won’t permanently help you last.

The techniques in this program work together synergistically-- to balance the mind and body to ignite sessions of long-lasting sex!  By attacking this problem with a unique “approach” that focuses on the mental and physical… men who were once cheated with premature staying power can now naturally last as long as they want.

Balance the Mind and Body to End Premature Ejaculation Quickly and Permanently

I researched and studied the human body, the male sex response, the mind, psychological processes, physical processes, and how ejaculation happens and why it happens too soon for some men.

All of this research and testing gave me a thorough understanding of why it occurs and more importantly… how to eliminate it and stop it from happening again.

From 50 or so techniques and methods I tried… I learned the few that actually helped me last longer. I can shortcut the entire trial and error process for you and give you the 6 or 7 specific methods and techniques that can change your sex life forever.

I honestly believe this is the most effective solution you’ll ever find for PE because it’s a proven safe, natural, and permanent way to last longer in bed.

Now you can end the feelings of embarrassment and humiliation that has kept so many guys from feeling confident about their sexual performance. It feels pretty cool when you’re able to hold out and last long enough to give your woman exactly what she wants… and you’re STILL able to keep going.

You’ll feel like the MAN and your girl will be LOVING sex. Whether you're in a relationship or enjoying the dating scene and single life… this will be a God-send.

Don't Disappoint Her AGAIN!

The truth is, women cheat on guys who are not pleasing them in bed.

If you’re not pleasing your woman in bed because you can’t last long enough…she’s going to look for someone who CAN.

She may end up cheating on you or dumping you. Once you start using these techniques, you won't have to worry about your woman talking about you to her friends, complaining to them how fast you are in bed and how upset it makes her.

And yes, they DO talk to each other about sex partners, both good and bad.

Now you have a fail-safe way to last longer in bed and eliminate the fear, worry, insecurity, and anxiety that comes from not being able to last!

Just Imagine For a Minute...

Imagine the confidence you feel when you’re able to last 15 to 20 minutes in bed… without condoms, desensitizing creams, weird pills or potions, or other crazy gimmicks.

Imagine no more frustration or embarrassment.

You're no longer afraid to initiate sex with your woman because you’re confident you can last.

You don’t have to worry about feeling humiliated after you’ve come in about a minute or two. Sex will finally be fun.

Would that feel good?

Would that be an amazing change in your life?

Once you start making your woman feel like no other man ever has… she’ll treat you better. She’ll brag to her friends about you. She’ll want sex more often. Heck, you won’t have to convince her to have sex or initiate it at all… she’ll be chasing you. She’ll be so satisfied, she’ll never want to be with another guy or even look at another man.

Once you learn these mindset and physical techniques... you'll last as long as you want… with any woman… even if she’s a one of the hottest chicks you’ve ever seen!

That’s right… you can last as long you want, anytime you want. No more stress, worry, and anxiety. No more frustration, embarrassment, and humiliation after sex...

So What's The Bottom Line...
How Much Does This Program Cost?

If you're suffering from premature ejaculation… chances are you’d probably do just about anything to cure it, right?

What price can you put on lasting longer in bed and more importantly… giving your woman the pleasure she deserves so you don’t feel like such a “chump” in bed?

You’ve probably thought of trying or have already used the pills, desensitizing creams and lotions. Or the special condoms and just about anything else you’ve seen that promises a quick fix. Maybe you’ve even considered seeing a doctor or therapist for your problem. If you’ve tried any of these, then I congratulate you because you’ve tried to fix your problem.

But unfortunately, none of them are long-term, permanent solutions that get to the root cause of the issue. Not to mention… those lotions and creams aren’t only expensive… but they’re messy, inconvenient, some even burn, and they just plain don’t work.

With this program, you have a PROVEN safe and effective, natural program that can permanently help you end premature ejaculation. You don't have to go through all the trial and error. And you don't have to spend years or a ton of money fixing your problem.

Think about this…If the only thing this program did was help you last 15 minutes or more in bed, it would be worth $200 or more, yes?

If the only thing it did was skyrocket your self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom because now you can last as long as you want… it would be worth $200, yes?

If the only thing this program did was to get rid of the humiliation, embarrassment, frustration, and disappointment that this condition can cause… it would be worth $200 or more, yes?

If the only thing this did was make it so your woman was more satisfied in bed and enjoyed herself so much more… to the point where she respected and admired you in bed and never would think about leaving you for another lover, it would be worth $200?

Well here's the GOOD news!

Well, the good news is... this program does every one of those things and more! But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay $200. In fact, it won’t even cost you half or $100.

Take advantage of this special offer right now and your investment comes to only $47.

I personally know how tough this problem can be for men. I mean, it can wreck your confidence and self-esteem and definitely make you feel “less like a man”. I want to get this program in as many hands as I can… I’m pricing it accordingly.

Plus to make this a no-brainer for you,

ORDER NOW and you'll also receive these
5 Special Gifts, Worth AT LEAST $499.75,
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10 Minute Quick Start Guide
($29.95 value)

The 10 Minute Quick Start guide (mental mind hacks to last longer tonight!) will give you some fast techniques you can use right away to last longer tonight. While you’re working on the long-lasting, permanent results this program will provide, this quick start guide will give you longer lasting results tonight!

Progress Tracker
($19.95 value)

The unique 7-day progress chart can help you track your results, and see how much longer you’re lasting each day. Instead of guessing how long you’re lasting, now you can keep track of it and have something to try and beat the next time.

12 Months of Discrete Email Support ($299.95 value)
($299.95 value)

This program will give you literally everything you need to know in order to last longer, starting tonight. But should you have questions or need help, I’m not going to leave you hanging. So order now and you’ll get 12 Months of FREE email Support… where you can ask any question and get 1 on 1 private and confidential support

During this 12 months of email support… you can contact me directly and ask me about specific problems you might be having. I guarantee to help you find the answer you’re looking for; no matter how long it takes! This extensive support alone is worth $300, but you get it included for absolutely no extra cost.

Lifetime of FREE Updates
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This program is constantly updated and improved with the latest and greatest advice and information. So any time we decide to update the ebook… you’ll get those updates for free. Never again will you have to pay for updates. Once you buy the ebook, you’ll get all updates that we do, for free.

Seduction Manifesto AUDIO Program
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Imagine walking up to any woman in the room and knowing that you can instantly start a conversation and get her to WANT to give you her number before you leave.

Well, this program will show you how to do just that. No more being worried, fearful, or anxious about going up to women, trying to meet hot chicks, or trying to talk to them. This program will help you get the inside secrets you need to lower her defenses, bypass her rejection mechanism, and have her WANTING to talk to you.

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Option one is for you to leave this page right now, ignore that tension deep in your heart, go back to the sickly feeling you get every time you come too fast, a life where sex is an embarrassing and frustrating act, where you wish you could satisfy your partner like other guys could, where you've tried other methods to last longer but still ejaculate almost at mere thought of penetrating your beautiful partners body.

You can do that if you wish but if you’ve come this far, you know what you’re doing in bed just isn’t working. You can feel yourself yearning for longer, more energetic sex. The kind of sex you know you're capable of but just don't know how to get.

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You get instant access to everything you need to succeed. 100% discrete. Nobody will even know you’ve requested this program. You quietly work through the suggestions, practice by yourself (or with your partner) and in as little as 7 days overcome PE- permanently.

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So what are you waiting for?

If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll never get out of “the rut“. What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk free, step-by-step system available to eliminate premature ejaculation, and having incredible satisfying sex.

Just imagine.

In few short days you'll never have to shy away from sex again. Never have to fear the touch of your girl on your cock. Never have to worry about coming just a few seconds after entering your partner... or even before sex begins.

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James Woodford

P.S. I know this is a very private subject, so I go out of my way to secure your privacy. You credit card statement will only show CLKBANK*COM as the payment processor. We use ClickBank to safely process our orders because they're 100% secure and trusted by millions of happy customers every year.

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Save yourself the embarrassment and humiliation. Once you're done worrying and stressing about lasting longer… once you’re able to last 15 minutes or more, it’s like the sky opens up, the sun comes out, and that dark cloud that’s been over you disappears.

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